Lille Huset Houses

Unleash you little one’s inner designer with these clever DIY doll houses from Lille Huset. The front of each house is made with birch wood giving it a sturdy hold, but the rest is made from laminated recycled card that acts as a canvas for your child to decorate any way they want…

After studying architecture and travelling through the many ancient cities of Europe, Lille Huset creator Alyson Beaton had an ah-huh moment. She realised that the most beautiful architecture, in her mind, were the places where real people love to live, call home, with his and her own story. And with this very thought, Lille Huset was born.

There are five base designs to choose from and each kit comes with the house components and plenty of DIY ideas to get you started. We are in love with the idea of watching our child’s house evolve, checking in now and then to see the special touches they have made to their special home.

But the best part is, when your child has totally overloaded every inch wall and floor surface with creative colour schemes, you can simply recycle the card and start again. If only real-life renovations were so forgiving!

04 Aug 2013