My Friend Monster

We wouldn't be scared if we found these little monsters under our bed. In fact, we’d welcome them with cups of tea, cuddly cardigans and delicious plates of knitted chop suey to make them feel right at home.

No unorthodox scientific experiments were involved in the creation of these monsters, just a bunch of up-cycled woollen sweaters, a few buttons and a good pinch of unpredictability. Created by crafty Terri Wild, each design is completely unique, yet all feel part of their huge extended monster family. We can just imagine their Christmas dos!

Amazingly, Wild designs each monster on the go with no patterns or plans, ensuring that everyone has its own character. "I treat each new monster as if it were my own, and carefully name each one to suit its burgeoning personality". Working from her home based "Monster Workshop", Wild fills her My Friend Monster store with an array of fantastic creatures.

05 Aug 2013