No Ordinary Dollhouse

The dollhouse. For some children it is the perfect way to imagine a blissful, domestic, grown-up life. Sophisticated dinner parties, a convertible in the drive and a handsome husband named Ken. But for other children, life in the dollhouse is wild. Cows are farmed in the lounge room, He-Man is hanging out in the attic and radical haircuts happen by the hour...

The dollhouse is the heart of every child’s play room. So we’ve gathered some of our all-time favourites for you to drool over. And may we say, things have definitely come along since we were marrying off Barbie to the Incredible Hulk.

Sirch Villa Sibis - With a long central building, large deck and separate pool house, this modernist dollhouse from the Sirch team looks like something from Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs. It features pixel glass sliding doors, solid beech wood furnishings (including beds, table and stools), a kitchen island and a Boffi shower. Yep we are ready to move in!

Everything about this 1970s A-Frame Dollhouse makes us want to put on some Pink Floyd and fire up the fondue set. The detail is spectacular. The open fire (equipped with overhead exhaust), the canvas sling chairs and the little tinnie moored out the front on the lake make it feel so very inviting.

Tin Caravan - This caravan from Kido looks just like the one we used to spend our summer holidays in. It is made with high quality metal and has real rubber tyres. The hinged door even opens to a small living area. Cuteness.

Lundby Stockholm House - This amazing beach house by Lundby feels like the set of a reality TV show in Miami. Bright and vibrant, it features two sundecks, acrylic opening windows, a real working light system and a pool that slides out and can be filled with water. What a hoot.

Minioo Dollhouse - We think Barbie would do good to dump her pink plastic dream house for this rad pad. Finished by hand in Poland, the Minioo dollhouse comes fully furnished with a sofa, oak coffee table, oak dining table, four chairs, a bed, ottoman, lamps, rugs and other bits and pieces. This is one to be handed down through the generations.

Qubis Dollhouse - This nifty number is the Qubis Haus, a modern and sleek piece of timber furniture that can be transformed into an equally beautiful and fun dollhouse for the children at a moment’s notice. Everyone’s a winner.

01 Aug 2013