Pop and Play with Flatout Frankie

Playtime is so much more rewarding for children when they have to build, paint, construct, connect, sew, paste or craft the leading characters in their crazy playroom pantomimes. Flat Out Frankie’s brand new Stack Up Dolls and Stack Up Pirates give you that sense of achievement but without all the hard work… or cleaning up. Just pop out the designs, stack them up and play!

We are very honoured to be the first Australian blog to review these adorable new creations from the talented mob at Flatout Frankie. But it’s really not a hard task, the genius products really do speak for themselves…

Cleverly designed so pieces can be swapped and shared, the Stack Up Dolls love being put together again and again. It’s like living with your best friend and being able to wear all her clothes in different combinations… even her hair, face and legs if you really feel the urge.

You can use the background stencils to make new paper outfits for your new friends too. So any budding little fashion designers can get busy sketching, cutting and sticking themselves a whole new fashion line to showcase on the runway… perhaps in front of a few admiring pirate friends…. garrrrrrrgeous!

Pick from either two delightful Dolls, or two plundering Pirates to construct, colour and play with. Why not get all four and host a marvellous tea party. It would be interesting to see how the burly pirates get along with such leading ladies. Don’t you think?

The Dolls stand at 28cm high and the Pirates 22cm and both retail for $23.00. To purchase head over to the wonderful Flat Out Frankie site now.

12 Nov 2014