Under the sea with Bleebla

There are so many amazing creatures that live under the sea and now you can play peekaboo with them all. The “Animal Box” by Bleebla is a magnificent 3D puzzle of sorts that allows little minds and mits to push and pull different puzzle pieces in and out of a beautifully crafted box. In goes a turtle and out comes a whale!

There are 10 gorgeous sea creatures to meet, chat and play with in this brilliant collection. Stack them high or create a marvellous seascape on a blue rug or towel, the opportunities are endless for imaginative play. And when you are done, nestle each creature back into the box for some well-earned rest.

This unique toy represents life under water perfectly through its stylised shapes and use of natural materials. Agglomerated cork and sycamore wood are smooth and warm to touch, making them perfect for soft little hands.

Bleebla is an inspiring company which combines beautiful, natural materials with contemporary concepts and techniques to create amazing, high-quality objects for children. Over time, they aim to create a series of objects inspired by four themes – jungle, sea, farm, and forest.

Today we are celebrating the Sea collection, but we have a sneaky suspicion you will love their other collections too. So head over to their website to see them all!

14 Aug 2015