Rocking Rabbit

Rock around the house on this racey rabbit number from Swedish design company Playsam. Sleek and glossy, this wooden delight is a nice twist on the traditional wooden horse rocker...

Available in three colours you will be hard pressed to pick a favourite! Playsam bring lovely design to the world. Check out their website to explore their full kids range.

20 Apr 2014

Glitter Jam

Painstaking attention to detail is hard to come by in today’s world of fast fashion, quick fixes and disposable everythings. But when you do stumble over something that has been made with real hands and real love, it’s very special indeed...

We really love this project by French designer and illustrator Maiwenn Philouze called Confiture de Paillettes, a beautiful family of sleeping rabbits handmade for little people with a whole lotta love.

The name Confiture de Paillettes means ‘glitter jam’, which explains the sweet little packet of glitter that comes with each handmade lovely. What a delightful touch!

From their perfect pastel colourings, to their little bonnets that pack a sassy punch, there is a lot to love about these little ladies.

Unfortunately commissions to have your own made are currently closed, but we are hoping they come back soon by popular demand. Find out more about the project on Maiwenn Philouze’s website.

12 Apr 2014

Effortlessly Cool

The simple things in life are often the best. And we think this rule definitely applies to children’s toys. Which is exactly why we have fallen in love with these gorgeous fellows from Marina R...

Absent from all forms of nylon fur, crazy glass eyes and flashing lights, these charming little creations are perfect for not only little hands and hearts, but also the design conscious home.

Tasteful shots of neon on neutral linens, embroidered detailing and gentle expressions give these soft dolls an extra special character… stylish and cool, but still very grounded.

To see more of her lovely creations or to make one your own head over to her online store.

07 Apr 2014

Sharing an Ice Cream with Cat Rabbit

It wouldn't be ice cream week without sharing the ridiculously wonderful delights of toy making extraordinar Cat Rabbit. Like all her incredible creatures, the ice cream toting alpacas and mini ice cream brooches are just too adorable for words...

Child or not, you'll be unable to stop yourself sitting down for a play with these wonderful little creations. We don't know about you guys but if we saw one of these wonderful alpcas trotting down the street we would be unable to say no to his ice cream delights!

Every creature Cat Rabbit brings to life, is truly unique and comes with it's own distinct features and personality. And her sweet little deluxe double scooper ice cream cone brooches with have you constantly trying to lick your lapel...

To find out more about Cat Rabbit you can read our Creative Showcase. We also highly recommend checking out her Etsy Store and snapping up one of her incredible creations for yourself...

21 Mar 2014
art and design
ice cream
cat rabbit

Cities in a Bag

Every super hero needs a city to save; and these MUJI ‘Cities In A Bag’ mean a city can be saved anytime, anywhere. Just think up a plot, decide on your super hero’s powers, create an evil nemesis and hey presto, you are in the super hero business...

As irresistible to adults as it is to children, MUJI's New York in a Bag comes with six wooden cars and eight wooden city structures including the original 1939 MoMA building, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Guggenheim Museum. Available for purchase here.

And if New York doesn't take you fancy there are lot of other cities on offer as well.

04 Feb 2014


Sporting a marvellous velvet eye mask and mysterious cape, Badger-Man is the perfect sidekick for dreaming up dramatic story lines and fun-filled adventures for playtime...

Badger-Man to the rescue! Available to purchase from poketo.

29 Jan 2014

Creative Showcase - Designed By Alice

Venturing into the world of Alice is like looking through a keyhole to find that all of your childhood toys have come to life. When she was little, the great mind behind Designed By Alice truly believed that with enough care put into every stitch, the little creatures she created would come alive. Now many years on, she still puts just as much care into the beautiful toys she makes...

Working as a professional ballet dancer, it was not until Alice needed to have an operation on an injured foot that she turned her love and passion for creating things into a business. "During this frustrating time for me as a dancer, I poured all my creative energy and making skills into the development of Designed By Alice". Now that Alice is back dancing and running her own small business on the side, she is lucky enough to be able to call all of her passions her work.

We asked Alice a few questions about her gorgeous creations and what inspires her...
What first inspired you to start designing and making your 'little beings'?
I think I always hoped that if I made something really carefully, perhaps it would come to life… I’ve been trying this out since I could hold and twist freezer ties and paper clips to make tiny dolls. The only difference is that I now know (in a whisper) they are not real!

Where are you based?
Right now I live in Germany because that’s where I am currently working as a ballet dancer with the Staatssballet Berlin. I miss home of course, but I enjoy life in this interesting city. I love getting around on my bike and the way of life they have out here.

All of your little creatures are designed and made by hand, how long do they take to create?
They take many, many absorbing hours. I think a 12cm teddy style ‘little being’ takes about 12-16 hours whereas my fairy BJD (ball jointed doll) took a month.

Actually, my business head says there is absolutely no good reason to make and sell them for the prices that I do. But I am always feeling compelled to make little creatures; I see a little face or have an idea and I just have to make it in 3D.

I also feel it’s somehow important, in a world full of cheap and quickly concocted objects, to create beautiful things with purpose and love and detail. Perhaps because it will make people smile and balance out some of the other stuff!?

You also work as a professional ballet dancer, how do you find the time to create for 'Designed By Alice'?
My life is always full and if I have a space I’d fill it anyway. So it’s not about finding time but more about managing it so I can do both things. Needless to say there are days when it just doesn’t work that well and I wish I wasn’t always wanting to be quite so challenged!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I think if you’d have asked me I would have said ‘an Artist or maybe a Teacher’. I was quite practical - a ballerina had never even crossed my mind. I didn’t think real people could become one until I realised I sort of was, 5 years ago.

What was your favourite toy when you were a child?
My Dolls. My favourite doll was called Isa. She was 20 cm tall had a beautiful hand painted face and a soft beany body. Toy wise I would say I loved lego, Playmobile, Sylvanians and my Polly Pockets (the original type ).

However, my favourite thing was to make entire ‘worlds’ out all the toys and all my ‘making’ stuff. I would do this with my little brother. Of course the most important purpose of the ‘world’ was to house the newly created beings or be some prop in an imaginary game. Stages and complicated dens with lots of chairs, blankets and pegs were the next best things to make after that!

If you could design the perfect Christmas decoration, what would it look like?

27 Dec 2013
creative showcase

Creative Showcase - Alice Mary Lynch

Alice Mary Lynch creates beautiful bespoke dolls that you could imagine stumbling upon sipping tea from golden bejeweled teacups in a flower laden forest. The type of dolls that will be in the family for years, treasured pieces that will tell stories and excite both young and old...

Growing up in an artistic family, Alice studied Fashion Design at Kingston University where she collaborated with a jewellery designer to create a range of embellished dolls. Once she graduated she moved to Paris where she worked as a designer for John Galliano, Christian Dior and Sonia Rykiel. But after a couple of years Alice started yearning for embellishment again and in 2008, after having her first child, she decided it was time to work on something more personal.

Combining vintage textiles, beads and trinkets, Alice began making things which felt instinctively right, creatures and creations that came straight from her imagination. Her bespoke dolls were haute couture pieces that embroidered together different layers of history brought to life with a needle and thread. Glimmering and glittering the dolls are stand alone treasures and it is certainly no surprise that they are now being coveted all over the world.

We asked Alice a few questions about what inspires her to create her beautiful dolls...
What lead you to start making bespoke dolls?
Whilst at university, I was asked to collaborate with a jewellery designer to make some dolls to accompany his collection, I always loved dolls as a child and I remember my mum making puppets and putting on shows, so it was just something that came naturally.

What inspires you?
The seasons, dance and drama, fashion, romance, dreams and nature, the imperfect, fragility of everyday life and a bit of melancholic love. There are these characters, they appear in my dreams, they float around there until I have time to bring them to life and when they emerge, they have a little personality all of their own. It's a bit magic.

You've worked with some pretty incredible people throughout your career, what is one moment that really stands out?
When I interned right at the beginning of my career at John Galliano it was incredible, everyday was different, the drama was all there, sometimes it felt like pantomime, it was all wonderful and exciting, living in Paris and being on this funny, fashionable adventure.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to have some great opportunities to collaborate with designers like Alice Temperley and Victoria Beckham, each project pushes my work in new directions, I like that challenge.

What is your fondest memory of being a child?
Playing imaginary games with my two brothers, in blustery gales, on the Isle of Mull, where we camped wild on the beach. We had horses (in our heads) and we galloped round the island the whole holiday.

How has becoming a mum changed the way you see the world?
Well, I appreciate time a lot more! I had children fairly early on in my career, it gave me a moment to stop and refocus on what was really important to me, to not get caught up on the conveyor belt. I love my children and I also love working. My girls are also very good critics, so we are a good team.

If you were to create a wonderful outfit for one of santas reindeer, what would it look like?

20 Dec 2013
creative showcase
art and design

Block Family

There are tall ones, short ones; skinny ones, round ones. There’s funny ones and then there’s cranky ones. Ones with big noses, ones with small hands. Yes we people of the universe are all different. No two people exactly the same. And that’s precisely what we love about these People Blocks from Andy Rementer...

Swap their heads, exchange their pants. These blocks are way more interesting that your standard Barbie doll and we highly recommend them. Check out the limited edition series right here.

29 Nov 2013
art and design

Geometric Blocks

Life isn’t all about perfectly square pegs fitting into perfectly square holes. That’s why we love these slightly obscure Conceptual Building Blocks from Tree Horn Design...

Described as a ‘sculptural toolkit for the creative mind, for grown-ups and kids alike’, these brilliant blocks are made from sustainably grown Oregon wood. What a great way to take your mind off things and build something a little cray cray.

28 Nov 2013