Balance Bike

Doesn't this bike look like something you’d love to keep in the family and pass down from child to child? The Bennett Balance Bike from Heritage Bicycles is so very handsome and without all those fancy gears, bells and whistles it really brings riding back to basics...

With an adjustable seat and easy-to-reach handles your child will be able to grow up with this set of wheels, even up until the age of 5 or 6. The bike was designed in collaboration with DeRussy Design and you can check out all the nuts and bolts and specifications right here.

22 Nov 2013


Talk about cuteness that keeps on giving! We are loving these gorgeous Black and White Nesting Dolls from Sketch Inc., especially the stupendously cool black and white Weather Girl design...

Each set contains five dolls, all of which are completely handcrafted from lime tree wood and finished with a sleek satin hard wearing varnish. Every little detail is just perfect.

14 Nov 2013
black and white

Sumo Bot

Meet SumoBot. He is part of the Go Home Woodies Collection of friendly and flexible wooden characters for kids. He is made from beautiful and sustainable beechwood and will last forever if you look after him properly. He likes to get directions from his master and breakdancing. He’s been known to send out signals to his sumo dance crew in Japan through his antennae. What a dude.

10 Nov 2013

Robot Rock

Crank up the Daft Punk and watch on in awe as these little guys shuffle and rave around your lounge room like there’s no tomorrow. Just like any classic toy from yesteryear, these crazy robots are brought to life with the simple twist and turn of a wind-up key. Old-school, space-age at it’s very best...

Hase Weiss is the creative mind behind this quirky marvel; a German company specialising in wonderful toys, furniture and clothing for children. We have totally fallen in love with their entire range, but these rocking robots are one of our favourite finds for sure.

05 Nov 2013

Acne JR - Chalkboard Kranium

How darn cool is this black Chalkboard Kranium by Acne Jr? Scribble all your memories and good ideas on the outside for everyone to see. Or just get downright creative and doodle away on an eccentric patchwork of patterns and designs. Kranium is also available in unpainted pine wood or white. But we just can’t go past the chalkboard paint version.

01 Nov 2013

Green Fingers

This beautiful gardener's gift box from Moulin Roty is the perfect way to get your little ones interested in gardening. They will love getting their hands dirty with the miniature gardening equipment including a watering can, trowel and packets of seed to get them started...

All of the tools are lovingly packed into a gorgeous wooden suitcase that makes for the perfect little carrier for getting from plot to plot.

And for those a little more scientifically minded, they have also created a botanist's suitcase. It has all the tools for collecting flowers and leaves that can then be preserved using the wooden pressing board. The perfect way to get them outdoors enjoying nature and all it has to offer.

24 Oct 2013

Always play with your Food

We’d like to introduce you to Neep the Turnip and Billy Broccoli. Billy likes hip hop music and making mix tapes, while Neep is more into blowing bubbles. He is also looking for love. Both are adorable creations from Donna Wilson, each hand knitted in Scotland with 100% lambs wool. We just love hanging out with them.

22 Oct 2013

Comfort Food

Teach your children to love the almighty carrot with these amazing giant crochetedveggie cushions. Kicking it with the carrot there’s a larger than life red-ripe tomato and huge slice of watermelon, both of which look just as fun...

These adorable cushions certainly give new meaning to the phrase comfort food. If you’re up for the challenge, why not try and whip one up yourself? The pattern is available to purchase here.

21 Oct 2013

Whiskers on Wheels

Ironic, fun and full of personality this moustache on wheels from SevenAcreToys is definitely not the type of ride you’d normally see Barbie rocking around on. But when she does, her street cred definitely goes up in our book. Made with beautiful American black walnut, each car is sanded, smoothed and finished with food-grade beeswax and mineral oil to ensure no one ends up with a nasty splinter.

20 Oct 2013


Y’a Pas Le Feu au Lac (YPLFL) is a French brand that works with a range of designers to create contemporary and fun wooden objects. These particular mighty men before us are Woodstaches and were designed by a very clever cat called Juan Pablo...

Made form beechwood and lime tree, the Woodstaches represent the steady flow of immigrants arriving in Buenos Aires in the early 20th century in search of land and fortune. In order to recognise each other in this new and unexplored city they created a secret code; growing big moustaches that they played with in a specific way with their fingers.

We think they are simply marvelous! Head over to their site to see more.

14 Oct 2013