Lille Huset Houses

Unleash you little one’s inner designer with these clever DIY doll houses from Lille Huset. The front of each house is made with birch wood giving it a sturdy hold, but the rest is made from laminated recycled card that acts as a canvas for your child to decorate any way they want…

After studying architecture and travelling through the many ancient cities of Europe, Lille Huset creator Alyson Beaton had an ah-huh moment. She realised that the most beautiful architecture, in her mind, were the places where real people love to live, call home, with his and her own story. And with this very thought, Lille Huset was born.

There are five base designs to choose from and each kit comes with the house components and plenty of DIY ideas to get you started. We are in love with the idea of watching our child’s house evolve, checking in now and then to see the special touches they have made to their special home.

But the best part is, when your child has totally overloaded every inch wall and floor surface with creative colour schemes, you can simply recycle the card and start again. If only real-life renovations were so forgiving!

04 Aug 2013
doll houses

Little Houses

We think every tiny person would love a cuddle from one of Colette Bream’s wonderful creations. We’ve got our eye on these petite houses that are made with 100% lambswool, making them cosy enough for the softest of little cheeks...

Each piece has been entirely handmade by Colette Bream herself, who started her Etsy store when her daughter was born. “I had a desire to rid her room of anything that wasn’t natural (any polyester, plastic, etc.). I was looking for something beautiful in its simplicity and innocence, and I wanted to accentuate that with colourful accessories”.

Working from her home in the U.S, Bream has woven a magical world of wares for us all to explore. Cushions, bedding and knitted portraits, each piece has a warm and friendly personality that inspires us to start pretending, imagining and making up fabulous fables to bring them to life.

If you want to get lost in more of Colette Bream’s dreamy creations check out her Store.

03 Aug 2013

No Ordinary Dollhouse

The dollhouse. For some children it is the perfect way to imagine a blissful, domestic, grown-up life. Sophisticated dinner parties, a convertible in the drive and a handsome husband named Ken. But for other children, life in the dollhouse is wild. Cows are farmed in the lounge room, He-Man is hanging out in the attic and radical haircuts happen by the hour...

The dollhouse is the heart of every child’s play room. So we’ve gathered some of our all-time favourites for you to drool over. And may we say, things have definitely come along since we were marrying off Barbie to the Incredible Hulk.

Sirch Villa Sibis - With a long central building, large deck and separate pool house, this modernist dollhouse from the Sirch team looks like something from Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs. It features pixel glass sliding doors, solid beech wood furnishings (including beds, table and stools), a kitchen island and a Boffi shower. Yep we are ready to move in!

Everything about this 1970s A-Frame Dollhouse makes us want to put on some Pink Floyd and fire up the fondue set. The detail is spectacular. The open fire (equipped with overhead exhaust), the canvas sling chairs and the little tinnie moored out the front on the lake make it feel so very inviting.

Tin Caravan - This caravan from Kido looks just like the one we used to spend our summer holidays in. It is made with high quality metal and has real rubber tyres. The hinged door even opens to a small living area. Cuteness.

Lundby Stockholm House - This amazing beach house by Lundby feels like the set of a reality TV show in Miami. Bright and vibrant, it features two sundecks, acrylic opening windows, a real working light system and a pool that slides out and can be filled with water. What a hoot.

Minioo Dollhouse - We think Barbie would do good to dump her pink plastic dream house for this rad pad. Finished by hand in Poland, the Minioo dollhouse comes fully furnished with a sofa, oak coffee table, oak dining table, four chairs, a bed, ottoman, lamps, rugs and other bits and pieces. This is one to be handed down through the generations.

Qubis Dollhouse - This nifty number is the Qubis Haus, a modern and sleek piece of timber furniture that can be transformed into an equally beautiful and fun dollhouse for the children at a moment’s notice. Everyone’s a winner.

01 Aug 2013
doll houses

Living out of a Suitcase

We’ve stumbled upon many toys that make us want to be knee-high again, but none so much as these ingenious dollhouse suitcases from German toy makers Hase Weiss. Inside each beautifully crafted wooden suitcase is a modular nest of rooms, which allows your kiddly-winks to design a new house every time they play with their dollies...

On the front of the suitcase is a clever chalkboard, which you can put in front of the house and draw things like gardens, pools and stepping stones. Maybe even a dashing Aston Martin when the kids go to bed...

Architect Anna Pfeiffer and artist Ulrike Rumpenhorst are the forces behind these amazing cases. As mother’s themselves, they wanted to design toys that their children had only dreamt of. We think they’ve certainly cracked the brief, and they’ve also given us a totally new perspective on what living out of a suitcase really means.

29 Jul 2013
doll houses

Lo-Res Fruit

Nope, you don't need to adjust your monitor. Nor do you need to visit the optometrist. These little wonders should look a little out of focus. Introducing Lo-res fruit by loglike, vibrant wooden ornaments made with reclaimed leather leaves...

We think they are a perfect representation of what a pixelated piece of fruit (from a 1980s video game) would look like in real life. As for their taste, well the jury is still out on that one!

28 Jul 2013

Creative Showcase - Cat-Rabbit

We've been in love with the incredible Cat-Rabbit since forever. The wonderful characters that fill her world are everything you could dream of in the perfect side-kick, turtles with backpacks, nerdy rabbits with glasses and librarian bears dressed in waistcoats. The detail and love put into every one of Cat-Rabbits toys is evident right down to the lacing on the sneakers...

Based in Melbourne, Cat-Rabbit works as a textile artist, devoting much of her time to her textiles/plush label that she started back in 2004. She began by making little rabbit toys as gifts for friends and family, but has since branched out into sloths, turtles, cats and owls (among others). Each of her creatures is lovingly handmade without a pattern, ensuring that all of them are unique and have their own special characters.

Aside from the toys available on her Etsy store and in various other stockists, Cat also makes characters to order. Decide on what makes up your perfect side-kick, whether its a pair of square framed glasses, a spotted bow tie, or some red and white sneakers, and Cat-Rabbit can make your imagination come to life.

Cat-Rabbits work has been exhibited in Australia and internationally, enjoying shows with Ghostpatrol, The Seven Seas and Nior. She has also created her first children's book, 'Owl Know How' with Isobel Knowles, and published by Thames & Hudson.

We asked Cat a few questions about her wonderful textile characters...
What do you love most about creating your wonderful Cat Rabbit creations?
I like most everything about creating my dudes, but at the moment I'm particularly enjoying making them little backpacks!

What inspires you?
Books, Pugs and The Seven Seas.

If you were a kid in Melbourne where is the first place you'd go?
The Collingwood Children's Farm!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Anne of Green Gables.

What is your all time favourite kids movie?
The Goonies.

If Cat Rabbit were to design the best pair of shoes ever! what would they look like?

21 Jul 2013
creative showcase
cat rabbit

To Build a Bird

Bristol based artist Thomas Poulsom has always been a fan of lego, and rekindled his love for it a few years ago. Being a gardener and a tree surgeon by trade, it wasn't long before his love of nature began to influence the direction of his lego making...

It was from here that Thomas began creating his Lego bird series. He starts off by researching a type of bird and checking whether their markings can be reproduced using the available Lego colours, then sets about bringing the bird to life.

After receiving worldwide attention, Thomas put some of his birds on Lego's innovative website called CUUSOO. The site gives Lego enthusiasts the chance to have their design go into production if they can gather enough votes.

If he succeeds, LEGO and one of their design teams will then try to recreate the model using their building techniques and see whether it is a feasible product to market. And if it is then LEGO will create a limited run of this model which they will sell in their stores and online.

If you would like to add your support to Thomas's LEGO Bird project visit the website.

06 Jul 2013

Pencil Pirate

We have featured a few creations from Pen Pencil Stencil in the past few months, and this incredibly cool Pencil Pirate figure is another one of our favourites. Made from wood in series of different shapes, with the running theme of a pencil peg leg.

Check out some of the other wonderful work by Pen Pencil Stencil that we have featured, Forest of Woods and Kokeshi Dolls.

04 Jul 2013

Secret Skull

We love this wooden skull from Acne JR, with it's secret compartment perfect for keeping little treasures and knick knacks. Based in Stockholm, Acne JR is a Swedish toy campany that makes traditional, iconic toys in a modern way.

02 Jul 2013

To Sail the Seas

This fantastic wooden rocking ship from Kattuska is perfect for imaginary sea adventures. Created by a husband and wife team, with their two children in tow, Kattuska has set a goal of making toys and furniture that bring joy to a space rather than just filling it. And this beautiful wooden ship does just that...

With two seats, a paddle and additional extras such as pirate swords and flags, this ship is certain to provide hours of piratey fun.

01 Jul 2013