Creative Showcase - Flatout Frankie

Allowing children to venture into their own little worlds filled with ridable unicorns and spotted dinosaurs, Flatout Frankie has created a range of products that are not only fun to play with but are good for the planet. Using flat packed cardboard to make their fantastic creations, Flatout Frankie has put a lot of smiles on little peoples faces...

The great thing about Flatout Frankie toys is that kids can put their own stamp on them, with paint, glitter or anything else they can think of. So get folding and your little ones will be jetting around the lounge in no time...

We asked Sarah, the clever mind behind Flatout Frankie, what inspires her...
What do you love most about creating for Flatout Frankie?
Being able to sit and create with a material which is flexible, strong, and a little bit challenging. Then seeing my kids and their mates flying around testing the designs. The day they get sick of playing with cardboard will make me cry.

What inspires you?
Japanese and Scandinavian design, great packaging, my kids, simple cool graphics.

Flatout Frankie products are solely made from cardboard, what drew you to this medium?
Being a graphic designer, I have always been into paper. Cardboard is an extension of this, I love how sharp a fold can be, how strong it is when it is folded a certain way. That you can get a great solid / opaque print on simply makes it.

What was your favourite thing about being a kid?
Racing around the neighbourhood on bikes with my mates. I also drew daily with my best friend at the time, using our (quite rare at the time) 6 coloured rainbow pens.

What childhood candy do you reminisce about the most?
Sadly it is aniseed drops, I could buy 2 for 1c, so it made a lot of sense. Did I love them? Not really.

If Flatout Frankie were to design an amazing piece of fairground candy, what would it look like?
Of course it would be on a stick. Not a scrap of aniseed in sight!

28 Jun 2013
creative showcase

Rocking Green Chicken

What isn't to love about this incredible Green Rocking Chicken by Spainish artist Jamie Hayon. Not only is it big, shiny, and incredibly detailed, but it also transports us to a world where anything is possible. The idea for this glossy lacquered piece came to Hayon in a dream, "The chicken, a rather unexplored shape, found its place amongst my green dreams. I wanted to portray this common bird as a sensational object by amplifying its characteristics and dimensions, turning it into a modern piece, one of great beauty and utility: a rocking chair."

22 Jun 2013
art and design

Birds on a Tree

This wonderful 3D sculpture from Kids On Roof is not only a great piece of decoration for your child's room, but also a fantastic play object. Made up of fifteen birds and a tree that you build like a puzzle, all the pieces are fully moveable, making for hours of fun.

20 Jun 2013

To Call a Bird

This lovely Set of Bird Calls are the creation of François Morel, who has been making calls since he was a child in the mountains of southern France. Including a blackbird, a nightingale, a mallard and a cuckoo, these bird calls are extremely accurate and will allow children to recognise birds by their song, share calls with them, observe them in the wild and above all love them - which according to Mr. Morel is "without a doubt a first step in understanding the secret of happiness".

20 Jun 2013

Neon Nesting Dolls

These beautiful Geometric Neon Nesting Dolls from Sketch Inc are inspired by traditional Russian Bubushka. Made from hand painted Lime Tree Wood, the set of five dolls will arrive in their very own handmade gift box, making them the perfect gift for both big and small.

10 Jun 2013

Build a Face

Shusha Face Blocks

Shusha Toys was developed by two young parents who believe in the importance of developing skills in young children through play. With backgrounds in graphic design and architecture, they have developed a range of beautiful wooden toys that are all made in-house in Russia. This wonderful wooden face making set looks as good in the toy box as it does on the shelf.

26 May 2013

Spec-tacular Specs & Wild Moustaches

These Spec-tacular Spectacles and Wild Moustaches from Land of Nod, are a faces dream come true. They will add tonnes of fun to Birthday parties, photo booths or general everyday outings...

"Spec-tacular Spectacles are a great way to make a fashion statement. Even if that statement is, "Look at these crazy glasses!" Created exclusively for Land of Nod by A Crowded Teeth Design, you can choose from several colour options including Professor, Blue Owl and Rainbow.

"Get the Wild Moustache of your dreams in a safe, effective way without the use of hair growth chemicals." Designed by Michelle Romo for Land of Nod, these fantastic moustaches come in many varieties including, The Strongman, The Villain and The Archduke.

23 May 2013
dress ups


The Bu! is the next generation of blankies. Made from 100% cotton and doubling as a peekaboo blanket, the Bu! Is not only comfortable and cuddly, but also encourages imagination and interaction in young children. This is one cool blanket!

22 May 2013

Kokeshi Dolls

This colourful collection of Kokeshi Dolls were created by Pen Pencil Stencil, the same genius behind 'Forest of Woods' we featured last week. Also made from scrap wood, the Kokeshi are hand painted and look best when sitting alongside their friends.

22 May 2013

Happy Faces

Jess Quinn brings such life and charm to the collectable dolls that she creates, and these three Bird Art Dolls are no exception. Constructed from a variety of fabrics, each with a different texture and colour, these dolls are a pleasure to own. Although a lot of Jess Quinns dolls are not suitable for children due to small parts and delicate sewing, they will look amazing on display, bringing a life of colour to dull rooms.

20 May 2013